About Local Flour Co

We are driven by a desire to give home-bakers easy access to the best quality West Australian flour.

Born from a love of baking, our mission at Local Flour Co is to level-up your bread & baking game by shipping the best West Australian flour directly to your door.

We talk to home-bakers wherever we go and they all say the same thing: "where can I find good quality flour in Perth?"

That got us thinking - why has flour remained unchanged? The same old bags filled with low quality flour that is shipped in from somewhere else and that has sat on the supermarket shelf for months.

Well that is about to change.

Based here in Perth, our mission is to improve your baking by delivering the highest quality local flour directly to your door.

Our flour is locally grown from pristine West Australian wheat. The quality is second-to-none (you'll notice the difference straight away) and being locally milled means we can deliver it to you while it is still fresh and at it's peak.

Whether shaping your first loaf or perfecting artisan technique we are here to deliver the flour that will help you bake your best.
So what are you waiting for?