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Whether you're making biscuits, pasta or bread, using better flour is the key to better baking.

With this in mind, we've curated a diverse selection of the finest local Perth flour and quality baking ingredients. This isn't your average supermarket flour, we guarantee you'll notice the difference.

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Premium Bread Flour 2.5kg - Local Flour Co

Premium Bread Flour (2.5kg)

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Light Rye Flour 2.5kg - Local Flour Co

Rye Flour (2.5kg)

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Wholemeal Flour 2.5kg - Local Flour Co

Wholemeal Flour (2.5kg)

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All Purpose Flour 2.5kg - Local Flour Co

All Purpose Flour (2.5kg)

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French Dry Yeast 200g - Local Flour Co

Instant Dry Yeast (200g)

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